FunGameCo are thrilled to announce the release of Illuminated Words, an addictive, ambient experience for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Illuminated Words was inspired by those really satisfying color swatches you find in paint shops. As players play the game they will gradually unlock colors with names like Unmellow Yellow and Mango Tango and fill in and collect a color swatch on the front screen. 

The game itself is a race against the clock to find words on a grid and collect as many colors as possible. Finding words will destroy the letters and start to tint the screen in a color. Longer words will create special blocks which will explode in a burst of color progressing things more quickly. The whole game is designed to be an ambient flow experience, with the visuals and music adapting to the game progress and the color currently being worked on. 

Players of any ability level can enjoy Illuminated Words. The game can be played competitively to see which level (colors collected in one turn) can be achieved, but whichever level players reach they will unlock some new colors and continually progress through the game.

 Download links (click the images):